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2019 Goals Update: January

Here’s an update on my progress towards my goals for 2019.

If you want a bit more detail and the backstory to my goals, you can check them out here.

So, here’s how January went:


  1. Bodyweight of <87kg
    • Did terribly here this month. Didn’t hit the gym enough and ate a lot of rubbish. Partly due to being ill, mainly laziness. This changes today.
  2. Max squat > 150kg, Max bench press > 120kg
    • Same here. Have barely been in the gym this month (ill for two weeks, lazy for two weeks). Expect to have lost quite a bit of strength but will know for sure in Feb. update.


  1. Turn PostPerk into a self-sustaining, profitable business that could be sold.
    • Mixed bag here. On the plus-side, PostPerk the product is working really well and our customers are happy and seeing a lot of value. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the new customer growth we’d like though. We put up a new landing page, have a great new marketing initiative and are tweaking our cold outreach (plus have lots of open leads). I expect to sort this in Feb.
  2. Become the authority on social proof.
    • I need to spend more time actually writing the Social Proof Handbook
    • Otherwise it has been going well. I have set up 5+ case studies, already filmed two of them, and have arranged well over $1k worth of discounts on tools and services for people who buy the handbook.
    • Also put up the Social Proof Cheatsheet – a free resource for beginners.
    • Should spend more time on the consulting in February – didn’t really work on it at all in January.
    • Also want to think about speaking at conferences etc. Not sure how to begin with that.
  3. Say no more often.
    • Difficult to say how well I’m performing here. Definitely feel like I’ve improved at this compared to 2018 so far though. Have managed to squash a number of interesting ideas 😀


  1. Do a better job of keeping in touch with friends.
    • Terrible month for this. Will focus on it from March onwards.
  2. Write more (and better).
    • Done well here. Have written a blog post and an article for the FiveMinuteFounder newsletter each week.
  3. Get out of my comfort zone
    • Not much opportunity for that in January. Will focus on this from March onwards…

Over all, I’m cautiously happy with my progress in January.

I clearly prioritised my professional goals over personal ones. This was probably an overcorrection from the last few months of 2018, where the opposite was true.

Getting back into fitness/health goals will be easy, I’ve never been someone who has had a problem focussing on this, so I’m more satisfied with January than a third party might expect.

I need to keep up my focus on PostPerk sales and knuckle down to some writing on the Social Proof Handbook.

After carefully researching other, similar courses’ launches, I’m beginning to think that I should take more time to build an audience before launching the handbook. That would fit in well with my calendar as well. Will make a decision on this in Feb.


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