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Are you getting sales calls but struggling to convert them to paying customers… even when they sound excited on the phone?

Don’t worry. This happens to lots of founders. And there’s an easy fix.

But first, you have to understand why it’s happening…

If you want someone (especially in B2B) to buy your product, you have to…

  • … convince them of the value of your product
  • … overcome any objections blocking the sale
  • … and actually close the deal 🤑

What do all these points have in common?

To achieve them, you need to REALLY understand your customer.

And how do you do that?

… by asking them questions!

So, if you’re losing out on sales and you don’t know why, it’s probably because you didn’t ask about something important.

Dont let that hold you back. You can make way more sales by using this list of important questions founders often forget to ask…

–> View the full list (in text and video form) here

It’s based on the most common mistakes the participants in my Sales For Founders course make when they first start selling.